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Summer Weather Outlook 2017

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After one of the wettest springs since the National Weather Service began recording in 1895, many farmers are looking to the summer weather for signs of relief from waterlogged fields.

Soybean Prices Soar 26 Cents; Exports Jump

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Soybean prices soared Tuesday while corn and wheat gained on dry South American weather and short covering following losses last week, according to analysts. Meanwhile, USDA reported a double-digit jump in yearly exports across the board.

Market Rally Reverses Wednesday

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Markets retreated Wednesday, following Tuesday’s rally, with no major South America weather problem emerging and just two trading days left in the year.

Analysts Eye Impact of South America Weather

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So far, favorable South American weather forecasts support estimates of increased crop production in Brazil and Argentina. As a result, some analysts are betting on bigger U.S. ending stocks.

USDA Raises Brazil Soybean Numbers

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Apparently taking favorable weather into account, USDA this week raised Brazil’s soybean production estimate, on the heels of a similar adjustment by  Brazil’s government.

National Corn Plantings Near Completion

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Grain markets are lower as traders weigh crop progress numbers against weather forecasts. Outside markets look to this morning's New Home Sales report, as well as the impact of president Trump's trip abroad.

Still Early to Adjust U.S. Corn Yield, but 'Trend' Not Same to All

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Fears of corn planting delays in the United States amid ominous weather forecasts have been in play all spring, making analysts and traders consider that the world’s No. 1 corn crop could fall behind schedule and that yields could falter as a result later this summer.

Corn specialist says careful management needed for flood-damaged crops

Tags: Weather(1), Indiana(1), Grain(1), Weather(1), Indiana(1), Grain(1)
Although two weeks of occasionally heavy rain and some unseasonably cold temperatures slowed planting progress and threatened newly emerging plants throughout Indiana, Purdue Extension corn specialist Bob Nielsen said there is still time to have a good grain crop if, as expected, weather conditions improved.

Purdue Extension specialist urges hay producers to test for nutritional value

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Wet weather this spring has delayed the hay harvest throughout Indiana, raising concerns about feed quality and safe storage.

Spotty weather has Indiana grain crops off to an uneven start

Tags: Weather(1), Indiana(2), Grain(1), Weather(1), Indiana(2), Grain(1)
Bob Nielsen, Purdue Extension corn specialist, says he has never seen a growing season get off to such an uneven start as this one. Heavy rains in April and May delayed planting and left standing water in many parts of Indiana while other areas baked in unusually hot and dry conditions.

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