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Why You Should Be Excited About Drone-Delivered Mail

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Currently, drones tend to carry much smaller payloads for agriculture – namely, small cameras, sensors or video recorders. But the work being done in mail delivery drones may prove that bigger sometimes really is better.

Kansas Farm Featured in NYC Drone Film Festival

Tags: Video(1), Kansas(1), Agriculture(1), Video(1), Kansas(1), Agriculture(1)
Since 2012, Doug Armknecht has filmed the harvest on his wife's family farm and cut together a highlight video. It was fun to do, he says, and also a way to show a glimpse of farm life to people outside of the agriculture industry.

Report: No Charges for Egg Farm Accused of Animal Cruelty

Tags: Video(1), Maine(1), Video(1), Maine(1)
Undercover video from HSUS still didn't give Maine officials a reason to pursue animal cruelty charges on a layer operation.

JD 4960 with 14 Hours is Most Watched Youtube Video

Tags: Video(1), Mills(1), Video(1), Mills(1)
List of Top 5 most viewed Machinery Pete Youtube videos. Number of views passed 10 Million this month. Pete started posting Youtube videos back in August of 2009

Corn seed treatment insecticides pose risks to honey bees, yield benefits elusive

Tags: Video(1), Indiana(1), Video(1), Indiana(1)
...ag/perilstopollinators for a video abstract).

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