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Bird Flu Comes to Tennessee

Tags: Tennessee(2), Bird Flu(2), Tennessee(2), Bird Flu(2)
A deadly form of bird flu has been confirmed in a southern Tennessee chicken flock, marking the first U.S. case at a commercial poultry farm this year.

USDA Says Tennessee Bird-Flu Strain Distinct From China Variety

Tags: China(2), Tennessee(1), USDA(1), China(2), Tennessee(1), USDA(1)
‘Genetically distinct’ from China virus that infected humans.

Bird Flu Cases Revive Fear of Repeat of Major 2015 Outbreak

Tags: Tennessee(1), Mills(1), Bird Flu(2), Tennessee(1), Mills(1), Bird Flu(2)
The detection of a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu at a Tennessee chicken farm is reviving memories of a devastating outbreak in 2015 that required the destruction of millions of turkeys and chickens in the Midwest.

Avian Flu Detected in Three Alabama Locations

Tags: Tennessee(1), Alabama(2), Tennessee(1), Alabama(2)
Last week, a case of the highly-pathogenic H7N9 avian flu was discovered at a Tennessee farm. It has since crossed into Alabama.

Bird Flu Cases Probed in One of the Largest U.S. Chicken States

Tags: Tennessee(1), Alabama(1), Bird Flu(1), Tennessee(1), Alabama(1), Bird Flu(1)
Tennessee reported avian-influenza discovery last week, and now three poultry flocks in northern Alabama are being investigated.

Publix Recalls Publix Tropical Medley Mix Due to Possible Contamination with Listeria monocytogenes

Tags: Tennessee(1), South Carolina(1), North Carolina(1), Georgia(1), Florida(1), Alabama(1), Tennessee(1), South Carolina(1), North Carolina(1), Georgia(1), Florida(1), Alabama(1)
...7oz clear plastic containers of the mix were sold from Publix retail produce departments in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina with a UPC of 41415088586. All use by dates are being recalled.

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