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Millennials: Food and Dining Experiences

Tags: Mills(2), SEP(1), Article(1), Mills(2), SEP(1), Article(1)
Summary of an article on millennial food and dining preferences, indicating a desire for knowing the story of their food, and value for their money. (Agri-News, Sep 21)

More Canadians Think Food System Headed in Right Direction

Tags: Canadian(1), SEP(1), Canadian(1), SEP(1)
Review of a survey by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity on consumer concerns and expectations on food transparency and the overall food system. (Agri-News, Sep 21)

Promoting Alberta Agriculture to the World

Tags: Alberta(1), SEP(1), European Union(1), Agriculture(1), Alberta(1), SEP(1), European Union(1), Agriculture(1)
Preliminary report on a trade and investment mission to meet with European Union agri-business representatives led by AF Minister Oneil Carlier. (Agri-News, Sep 21)

Canadian Consumer Perceptions of Meat Preparation

Tags: Canadian(1), SEP(1), Canadian(1), SEP(1)
Jeewani Fernando looks at the results of a recent survey. (Agri-News, Sep 21)

Agri-Food Processing Lenders' Conference

Tags: Alberta(1), SEP(1), Forestry(1), Agriculture(1), Alberta(1), SEP(1), Forestry(1), Agriculture(1)
Highlights of the Agri-Food Processing Lenders' Conference hosted by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to be held October 18-19, 2017 in Nisku. (Agri-News, Sep 21)

Seed Potato Trade Mission to Thailand

Tags: Thailand(2), Alberta(1), SEP(1), Thailand(2), Alberta(1), SEP(1)
Call for participants from Alberta seed potato companies to participate in a market development mission to Thailand from November 19-27, 2017. (Agri-News, Sep 21)

Alberta Wheat and Barley to Trial a Shared Management Structure

Tags: Alberta(3), Wheat(2), Barley(2), SEP(1), Alberta(3), Wheat(2), Barley(2), SEP(1)
Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley to assess the feasibility of amalgamating their management teams over a four-month trial period (Agri-News, Sep 21)

Economics of Milk Production

Tags: Alberta(1), SEP(1), Forestry(1), Agriculture(1), Alberta(1), SEP(1), Forestry(1), Agriculture(1)
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has released The Economics of Milk Production, 2016. (Agri-News, Sep 21)

Moisture Situation Update - September 26

Tags: Alberta(1), SEP(1), Alberta(1), SEP(1)
A brief review of moisture conditions in Alberta to September 13 describing rainfall over a wide part of the province followed by cold air. (Agri-News, Sep 21)

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