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Narine Abgaryan: Longing is behind my every book

Tags: Russia(1), Georgia(1), Russia(1), Georgia(1)
Famous Russia-based writer of Armenian origin Narine Abgaryan is the author of a number of popular books, including “Manyunya”, “Interloper”, “Zulali” and “Three Apples Fell from the Sky”. In an interview with PanARMENIAN....

How planes go to die

Tags: Australia(1), Russia(1), Canada(1), Events(1), Australia(1), Russia(1), Canada(1), Events(1)
... Military and airliner boneyards are located around the world, from the UK to Australia, from Canada to Russia, and elsewhere. These "boneyards" around the world serve several functions: temporary storage, maintenance, parts reclamation, and scrapping.

Putin breaks down in laughter over plans to export pork to Indonesia

Tags: Indonesia(2), Russia(1), Agriculture(1), Indonesia(2), Russia(1), Agriculture(1)
Russia's agriculture minister unwittingly caused Vladimir Putin to break down in laughter with his idea for pork exports to Indonesia.

The Rising Cost of Ambient Air Pollution thus far in the 21st Century: Results from the BRIICS and the OECD Countries - Environment Working Paper

Tags: Indonesia(1), China(1), India(1), South Africa(1), Africa(1), Russia(1), Air pollution(2), Indonesia(1), China(1), India(1), South Africa(1), Africa(1), Russia(1), Air pollution(2)
This paper presents updated results for the cost of ambient air pollution in 41 countries: the 6 major emerging economies known as the BRIICS – Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and South Africa – and the 35 OECD member countries.

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