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Weekly Report Shows North Dakota Crops, Pastures Suffering

Tags: North Dakota(2), Pastures(2), Drought(1), North Dakota(2), Pastures(2), Drought(1)
Crops and pastures continue to suffer in North Dakota as drought persists.

Report Shows Ranchers and Farmers Paid Less and Hired Fewer

Tags: South Dakota(1), North Dakota(1), Nebraska(1), Kansas(1), South Dakota(1), North Dakota(1), Nebraska(1), Kansas(1)
Farmers and ranchers in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas hired less help this year.

North Dakota Dairy Producers Hope to Save Industry

Tags: North Dakota(2), Dairy products(1), North Dakota(2), Dairy products(1)
North Dakota dairy producers are hoping to save the declining industry by attracting a specialty dairy products plant.

Dangerous Cold, Snow Forecast for Parts of Northern United States

Tags: North Dakota(1), Montana(1), United States(2), North Dakota(1), Montana(1), United States(2)
The arctic air that has chilled large swaths of the northern United States for days will culminate this weekend with dangerous cold in Montana and North Dakota as heavy snow falls in other parts of the country, officials said.

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