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'Great Grain Train' Aids Florida Dairies

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Private/public entities work together 'beautifully' to move emergency feed shipments. 

Big Cotton in Harvest Cards

Tags: USDA(2), Pullies(1), Grain(1), USDA(2), Pullies(1), Grain(1)
... Low commodity prices for corn, grain sorghum and soybeans pulled in more cotton acreage in 2017, and the numbers are reflected in USDA’s latest estimates.

Six Ways Technology can Add Revenue to Your Farm

Tags: Grain(1), Tractor(1), Grain cart(1), Grain(1), Tractor(1), Grain cart(1)
As you log hours in the combine, grain cart tractor or semi this fall, your thoughts are likely to jump ahead to next year. Is there anything you can do differently than the past year?  “The answer to the question is simple,” says precision ag consultant Steve Cubbage. “ [...

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