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Court: Florida Dairy's Skim Milk is Skim Milk, Not Imitation

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A small, all-natural dairy isn't being deceptive when it calls it's skim milk "skim milk," a federal appeals court ruled Monday in a victory for the creamery that's fighting the state's demand to label the product "imitation" because vitamins aren't added to [...]

Publix Recalls Publix Tropical Medley Mix Due to Possible Contamination with Listeria monocytogenes

Tags: Tennessee(1), South Carolina(1), North Carolina(1), Georgia(1), Florida(1), Alabama(1), Tennessee(1), South Carolina(1), North Carolina(1), Georgia(1), Florida(1), Alabama(1)
...7oz clear plastic containers of the mix were sold from Publix retail produce departments in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina with a UPC of 41415088586. All use by dates are being recalled.

Florida Agriculture Industry Can't Shake Citrus Fall, Land Loss

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Florida has fallen in agriculture production as the state continues to develop agriculture land for housing

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