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Thune, Rounds Urge USDA to Provide Timely Drought Assistance, Open CRP

Tags: USDA(1), Pastures(1), Pasture(1), Hay(1), Drought(2), USDA(1), Pastures(1), Pasture(1), Hay(1), Drought(2)
Extreme drought conditions throughout the Northern Plains have led to a shortage of hay and pasture

Weekly Report Shows North Dakota Crops, Pastures Suffering

Tags: North Dakota(2), Pastures(2), Drought(1), North Dakota(2), Pastures(2), Drought(1)
Crops and pastures continue to suffer in North Dakota as drought persists.

Alien Armyworms Invade Corn in Drought-Hit Southern Africa

Tags: Africa(2), Drought(1), Africa(2), Drought(1)
Outbreak of fall armyworms is southern Africa’s first.

Financial Relief Bill to Dairy Farmers Survives Challenge

Tags: Hampshire(1), New Hampshire(1), Drought(1), Hampshire(1), New Hampshire(1), Drought(1)
An effort to provide financial relief to New Hampshire's dairy farmers strained by last year's drought survived a challenge in the House on Thursday, with some opponents calling it a taxpayer funded bailout.

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