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Final Import Approval for Balance GT Soybeans

Tags: China(1), European Union(1), China(1), European Union(1)
China recently approved Bayer and MS Technologies’ Balance GT Soybeans for import. With the European Union’s previous approval, the companies are closer to a full U.S. commercial launch.

Some China Cities Close Poultry Markets Amid Bird Flu Fears

Tags: China(2), Bird Flu(2), China(2), Bird Flu(2)
Several Chinese cities have shut down their poultry markets in the wake of a bird flu outbreak that has killed at least two dozen people this year across China.

China Closes Live Poultry Markets Amid Deadly Flu Outbreak

Tags: China(2), Bird Flu(1), China(2), Bird Flu(1)
China is ordering the closure of live poultry markets in its south-central regions as it grapples with the worst outbreak of bird flu in years that has killed at least 87 people.

USDA Says Tennessee Bird-Flu Strain Distinct From China Variety

Tags: China(2), Tennessee(1), USDA(1), China(2), Tennessee(1), USDA(1)
‘Genetically distinct’ from China virus that infected humans.

China Pushes Public to Accept GMO as Syngenta Takeover Nears

Tags: China(1), GMO(1), China(1), GMO(1)
National poll in June tests view on genetically modified crops.

China's Yili Scraps $667 Million Deal for Organic Milk Company

Tags: China(1), Mills(1), China(1), Mills(1)
Yili also cancels plan to raise 9 billion yuan in placement.

Chinese Yogurt Bid Warrants Dollop of Skepticism

Tags: China(1), Mills(1), China(1), Mills(1)
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial, China's largest dairy company, is preparing a gut-busting $850 million bid for Danone's Stonyfield yogurt business.

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