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Canada Invests $350 Million In New Dairy Support Programs

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This month Canada released details of two new support programs for Canadian dairy farmers.

Dairy's Take: Canada, Mexico Markets are a "Big Deal"

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When the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was ratified back on Jan. 1, 1994, President Clinton was in the White House, Forrest Gump was talking about boxes of chocolates and World Dairy Expo had just celebrated its 25th year. Dairy exports were at roughly 3 percent of production and ther [...]

Will Canada Put Dairy Policy on the NAFTA Negotiating Table?

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Canadian Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, outlined her core objectives for negotiations with the U.S. and Mexico prior to the second round of negotiations, which wrapped up earlier this week in Mexico City.  

Will 'Do No Harm' Stay Alive?

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Round three of NAFTA negotiations kicked off in Ottawa, Canada on Saturday. All three countries expect the dialogue to be “meatier” this time around.

Canada's Supply Management Under Attack

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As NAFTA negotiations continue, the Trump administration is going all out to try to dismantle the Canadian supply management program. Rhetoric grows around the U.S. pulling out of NAFTA all together. 

Grassland Dairy Products: "This Could Happen To Other Processors"

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... The quick announcement was due to a sudden and drastic change to Canada’s milk policy with a little-known dairy product called ultra-filtered mi [...

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