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Why You Should Be Excited About Drone-Delivered Mail

Tags: Video(1), Cameras(1), Agriculture(1), Video(1), Cameras(1), Agriculture(1)
Currently, drones tend to carry much smaller payloads for agriculture – namely, small cameras, sensors or video recorders. But the work being done in mail delivery drones may prove that bigger sometimes really is better.

Kansas Farm Featured in NYC Drone Film Festival

Tags: Video(1), Kansas(1), Agriculture(1), Video(1), Kansas(1), Agriculture(1)
... It was fun to do, he says, and also a way to show a glimpse of farm life to people outside of the agriculture industry.

France Slaughtering All Ducks in Key Region Due to Bird Flu

Tags: France(2), Bird Flu(2), Agriculture(1), France(2), Bird Flu(2), Agriculture(1)
France's agriculture ministry has ordered all remaining 600,000 ducks in a key poultry-producing region slaughtered to try to stem a growing outbreak of bird flu.

Heart of Delta Hides Visionary Farmer

Tags: United States(1), Agriculture(1), United States(1), Agriculture(1)
An American farming story: When Mike Wagner spliced a vertical business approach with ultra-conservation, he created one of the most unique agriculture operations in the United States.

Youth Farm Labor: Do You Know the Rules?

Tags: Ohio(1), Agriculture(1), Ohio(1), Agriculture(1)
... It’s a great opportunity for a young person to learn more about agriculture, according to Chris Zoller, Extension educator with The Ohio State University. But that’s not all. [...

OECD Global Forum on Agriculture 2017

Tags: Paris(1), France(1), Food security(1), ASIA(1), Agriculture(2), Paris(1), France(1), Food security(1), ASIA(1), Agriculture(2)
The Global Forum on Agriculture 2017 will be held in Paris, France on 3 May 2017 on the theme of food security in Southeast Asia.

Most Wisconsin Farmers Hit by Trade Dispute Have New Buyers

Tags: Canada(1), Wisconsin(3), Agriculture(1), Canada(1), Wisconsin(3), Agriculture(1)
Wisconsin agriculture officials say most Wisconsin farmers whose Canada market evaporated in a trade dispute have new buyers.

Dairy MPP Participation Falls to All-Time Low

Tags: United States(1), Department of Agriculture(1), American Farm Bureau Federation(1), AFBF(1), Agriculture(1), United States(1), Department of Agriculture(1), American Farm Bureau Federation(1), AFBF(1), Agriculture(1)
An analysis of farmer participation in the United States Department of Agriculture’s Dairy Margin Protection Program shows farmer participation fell to an all-time low in 2017, according to analysis by the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF).

Florida Agriculture Industry Can't Shake Citrus Fall, Land Loss

Tags: Florida(2), Agriculture(3), Florida(2), Agriculture(3)
Florida has fallen in agriculture production as the state continues to develop agriculture land for housing

Brianda Elzey awarded George Washington Carver Fellowship to further graduate studies

Tags: Washington(2), Agriculture(1), Washington(2), Agriculture(1)
Brianda Elzey, a graduate research assistant in Purdue University’s College of Agriculture, has been awarded the George Washington Carver Doctoral Fellowship, which includes a 5-year stipend of $20,400.

Purdue Extension training program helps local schools connect with local farmers

Tags: Michigan(1), Department of Agriculture(1), Agriculture(2), Michigan(1), Department of Agriculture(1), Agriculture(2)
... Department of Agriculture’s Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education (SARE) program.

Purdue to host nearly 350 educators for 63rd annual NACTA Conference

Tags: Canada(1), United States(1), Events(1), Agriculture(2), Canada(1), United States(1), Events(1), Agriculture(2)
Innovations in education related to agriculture will be among hundreds of topics explored during the 63rd annual North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Conference June 28 - July 1, 2017, at Purdue University....

Purdue alumnus wins world’s foremost prize for food, agriculture

Tags: Africa(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1), Africa(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1)
Purdue University alumnus Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, president of the African Development Bank Group, has been named the 2017 World Food Prize laureate for his work as a reformer and leader of the agricultural sector in Africa.

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