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Lung damage from agricultural fires probed

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The range of particles released from burning biomass and damage they cause are not yet fully explored, study suggests.

Cash is best way to aid farmers hit by drought, says new agriculture study

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Cash handouts are the best way to support smallholder farmers struggling due to drought, but for farmers experiencing wetter weather, agricultural inputs such as fertilisers and pesticides help most, a study has found....

Greek farmers highlight the need for advisory in agriculture

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Greece needs new and functional structures and enhanced farm advisory services in order to give smart farming a boost, an agricultural expert told EURACTIV.com....

African women are starting to take a lead in agricultural sciences

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... The same also needs to happen away from the fields, in agricultural research institutions devoted to address challenges and provide solutions to farmers. Fewer women than men are trained and employed in agricultural sciences, critically undermining the role of women in policy and decision-making processes....

Nigeria lacks capital to actualise its potentials in agriculture

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Managing Director of the Nigeria Incentive-based Risk Sharing system for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL), Mr Aliyu Abdulhameed has lamented that Nigeria lacks the full capital to actualize its potentials in agriculture....

US: Colorado explores agriculture import/export opportunities with Cuba

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Commissioner of Agriculture, Don Brown, and a Colorado contingent of agricultural companies, manufacturers, and a financial services company have recently returned from Cuba to discuss export/import opportunities with the market....

Why Australian agriculture can't draw investment

Tags: Aachen(1), Aachen(2), Aachen(1), Agricultural(1), Aachen(1), Aachen(2), Aachen(1), Aachen(2), Aachen(1), Agricultural(1), Aachen(1), Aachen(2)
With Asia’s expanding middle class hungry for its produce, you’d think Australia’s agricultural sector would have institutional investors lining up to plough money into future growth – but they’re not....

How a giant agriculture merger could price Texas farmers out of their jobs

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Two of the world's largest agricultural firms plan to merge, and some Texas farmers fear the move will diminish competition in an already shrinking market and cause prices for seeds and other essential products to spike....

CAP holds opportunities and challenges for Greek agriculture

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The future of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) holds major challenges as well as huge opportunities that Greece could utilize, Tassos Chaniotis, director of Economic Analysis at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Agriculture, said in Athens on Thursday....

Irish agriculture now in line for options boost

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Ireland’s top agricultural businesses stand to benefit from Euronext’s €137m merger with the Irish Stock Exchange as the pan European exchange weighs a post-deal expansion of its soft commodities products....

Time for Vietnam agriculture to go hi-tech

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It’s time for the Vietnamese agro-forestry-fishery industry to promote the application of modern agricultural equipment and technologies to build a sustainable industry. After more than 30 years of Ð?i m?i (Renewal Process), the Vietnamese agriculture sector has seen significant growth, said Ph?m Ð?c Nghi?...

Kentucky farm income rebounds from 2016 levels

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Kentucky's farm income is expected to bounce back slightly from last year's downturn, but remains well below record levels from earlier in the decade due to lackluster prices for many commodities, agricultural economists said Thursday....

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