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Chickens at Center of South Africa / Europe Trade Fight

Tags: South Africa(1), Africa(1), Europe(1), South Africa(1), Africa(1), Europe(1)
Dispute is symptomatic of rising anti-trade policies globally.

South African Protesters say EU is Dumping Low-cost Chickens

Tags: South Africa(1), Africa(1), European Union(1), South Africa(1), Africa(1), European Union(1)
The chicken industry in South Africa is protesting alleged dumping by the European Union.

Alien Armyworms Invade Corn in Drought-Hit Southern Africa

Tags: Africa(2), Drought(1), Africa(2), Drought(1)
Outbreak of fall armyworms is southern Africa’s first.

Purdue alumnus wins world’s foremost prize for food, agriculture

Tags: Africa(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1), Africa(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1)
Purdue University alumnus Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, president of the African Development Bank Group, has been named the 2017 World Food Prize laureate for his work as a reformer and leader of the agricultural sector in Africa.

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