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Blue Line Express: Morning Grains 10.27.17

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What does Novembers option expiration mean for today's grain trade?

Grain Market Rundown (Video) and Livestock Roundup 10.25.17

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Volatility often times invites more volatility so do not be surprised to see a wide and choppy cattle trade in the back half of the week.

Grain Market "2 Minute Drill" (Video) and Livestock Roundup 10.26.17

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Cattle futures continued higher and are at or near all contracct highs for nearly all contracts. Will we see profit taking into the weekend?

Can Cattle Futures Find a Floor?

Tags: USDA(1), Grain(1), USDA(1), Grain(1)
Following two days of falling cattle futures prices, Joe Vaclavik, president of Standard Grain, is calling the market moves a knee-jerk reaction to the latest Cattle on Feed report from the USDA.

Livestock Feeders Beware: Fumonisin Showing Up in Southern Corn States

Tags: Texas(1), Aachen(1), Grain(1), Texas(1), Aachen(1), Grain(1)
Livestock producers in the Texas Panhandle were put on notice after several reports of fumonisin contamination in recently harvested grain.

Davis Purdue Ag Center celebrates a century of service

Tags: Indiana(1), Pullies(1), Grain(1), Agricultural(1), Indiana(1), Pullies(1), Grain(1), Agricultural(1)
... The average yield per acre for Indiana grain crops was less than half of what it is today.

Global cereal output heading for a new record, lifting consumption and stocks

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Global food prices dipped in August, mainly as the prospect of bumper cereal harvests pushed up expectations for larger grain inventories. The FAO Food Price Index declined 1.3 percent from July, averaging 176.6 points in August.

Dangote Rice launches youth rice farming | World Grain - World Grain

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World Grain Dangote Rice launches youth rice farming | World Grain World Grain LAGOS, NIGERIA – Dangote Rice Ltd. has implemented a multi-million Naira Youth Farming Initiative that will engage unemployed Nigerian graduates in rice ...

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