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Fewer Than 9,000 Dairies in Wisconsin

Tags: Wisconsin(1), America(1), Wisconsin(1), America(1)
America's Dairyland has been losing dairy farms at a rate of six to eight per week since last year.

Grassland Dairy and America's Love of Butter

Tags: America(1), Grassland(1), Department of Agriculture(1), Agriculture(1), America(1), Grassland(1), Department of Agriculture(1), Agriculture(1)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture projected that 2017 consumption will rise 10 percent from a year earlier, hitting 940,000 metric tons, the highest in half a century. The nation will devour more than 2 billion pounds of butter this year, more than 6.1 pounds per person, and the resurgence has he [...]

Agriculture Technology Development Takes Partnerships

Tags: America(1), Agriculture(1), America(1), Agriculture(1)
Ag technology startups get a boost from one another and Dairy Farmers of America.

America New York RI Wang Food Group Recalls Sausage Products Due To Misbranding and an Undeclared Allergen

Tags: New York(2), America(2), New York(2), America(2)
America New York RI Wang Food Group, a Maspeth, N.Y. establishment, is recalling approximately 63,823 pounds of Heat Treated but Not Fully Cooked-Not Shelf Stable pork sausage products and beef products due to misbranding and an undeclared allergen.

Family Farm Action Unveiled at OCM Conference

Tags: Kansas(1), America(1), Kansas(1), America(1)
Vowing to fight what it calls the “economic power that a few multi-national corporations have over family farmers and rural America,” the non-profit Family Farm Action was launched today during the Organization for Competitive Markets conference in Kansas City, Mo.

Coming to America in Support of Africa

Tags: Aachen(1), America(1), Agriculture(1), Aachen(1), America(1), Agriculture(1)
My goal is to get an education that will help me improve African agriculture.

Feeding Margins Total $5.8 Billion Since Thanksgiving

Tags: America(1), Aachen(1), America(1), Aachen(1)
America’s cattle feeders earned an average of $323 on a cash basis for every steer and heifer they sent to market during the first eight months of 2017.

Rural America Farm & Garden Expo scheduled for September

Tags: America(2), Aachen(1), America(2), Aachen(1)
Spotlighting the region’s agribusiness, Purdue Extension-Jay County and the Jay County Chamber of Commerce will present the second Annual Rural America Farm & Garden Expo, Sept. 8-9, at the Jay County Fairgrounds, 806 E. Votaw St., Portland.

Helping the hellbender: Mesker Park Zoo begins captive breeding efforts

Tags: Indiana(2), America(1), Aachen(1), Indiana(2), America(1), Aachen(1)
... Purdue University extensively studies and partakes in the captive rearing of one of these species: the Eastern hellbender, North America’s largest salamander. Now, through collaborative efforts with institutions and zoos throughout Indiana, one zoo is undertaking captive breeding.

Putting rainwater to good use

Tags: America(1), Aachen(1), America(1), Aachen(1)
As the international community gathers this week for World Water Week, we profile a cooperative effort by FAO and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation to make water more accessible to vulnerable and water-scarce rural communities in a number of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Conflicts drag down food security amid growing global food output

Tags: Aachen(1), America(1), Aachen(1), Agricultural(1), Aachen(1), America(1), Aachen(1), Agricultural(1)
Robust harvests in Latin America and rebounding agricultural conditions in Southern Africa are on course to improve food supply conditions, but regional droughts and ongoing civil conflicts are blocking progress towards hunger reduction, according to FAO's Crop Prospects and Food Situation report.

Latin America and Caribbean are falling off path to Zero Hunger by 2030

Tags: Aachen(1), America(3), Aachen(1), Aachen(1), America(3), Aachen(1)
The total number of persons that suffer from hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean has increased, reversing decades of progress, even as overweight and obesity emerged as a major problem in all countries in the region of the Americas, according to the Panorama of Food Security and Nutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean 2017.

AFBF Backs Timely Reg Review of Food Production Tools

Tags: America(1), Tools(1), American Farm Bureau Federation(1), Agricultural(1), AFBF(1), America(1), Tools(1), American Farm Bureau Federation(1), Agricultural(1), AFBF(1)
Coordinated federal review of advances in agricultural biotechnology will help America’s farmers and ranchers achieve gains in efficiency and productivity needed to meet the continued challenges of the 21st century, according to American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall.

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