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Farms Make Better than Expected Progress in Reducing Runoff

Tags: Aachen(1), Department of Agriculture(1), Agriculture(1), Aachen(1), Department of Agriculture(1), Agriculture(1)
... Department of Agriculture say farmers in Vermont are making better-than-expected progress in reducing the amount of phosphorus flowing into two of four "priority" parts of Lake Champlain.

Grassland Dairy and America's Love of Butter

Tags: America(1), Grassland(1), Department of Agriculture(1), Agriculture(1), America(1), Grassland(1), Department of Agriculture(1), Agriculture(1)
... Department of Agriculture projected that 2017 consumption will rise 10 percent from a year earlier, hitting 940,000 metric tons, the highest in half a century. The nation will devour more than 2 billion pounds of butter this year, more than 6.1 pounds per person, and the resurgence has he [...

Agriculture Technology Development Takes Partnerships

Tags: America(1), Agriculture(1), America(1), Agriculture(1)
Ag technology startups get a boost from one another and Dairy Farmers of America.

Coming to America in Support of Africa

Tags: Aachen(1), America(1), Agriculture(1), Aachen(1), America(1), Agriculture(1)
My goal is to get an education that will help me improve African agriculture.

Wildfire Costs Rage to Record Levels, Montana Remains in Flames

Tags: Aachen(1), Aachen(1), Department of Agriculture(1), Agriculture(2), Aachen(1), Aachen(1), Department of Agriculture(1), Agriculture(2)
... Department of Agriculture show the cost of fighting wildfires  topped $2 billion in 2017 , a new record. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is using the new figure to stress the need to revalue the budget [...

Purdue researchers combining data and technology to make agriculture more sustainable

Tags: California(1), Buildings(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(2), California(1), Buildings(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(2)
Due to the large usage of water in agriculture, many California communities no longer have running water, and collapsing aquifers have caused roads and buildings to sink several feet. Purdue University electrical and computer engineering professor David Ebert is using data collected from agricultural sites to respond to these problems.

Women in Agriculture award winners share a commitment to conservation

Tags: Aachen(1), Agriculture(2), Aachen(1), Agriculture(2)
A pioneering state conservation officer and a leading advocate for sustainable farming have been named winners of the 2017 Women in Agriculture awards presented by Purdue Extension.

Boiler Bridge connects Purdue campus, Extension to communities statewide

Tags: Events(1), Agriculture(1), Events(1), Agriculture(1)
A statewide series of community events hosted by Purdue University’s College of Agriculture will help college-curious youth and parents learn more about multiple fields of study at Purdue while showcasing Purdue Extension programs.

Agronomy certificate program distinguishes agribusiness professionals

Tags: Agricultural(1), Aachen(1), Agriculture(1), Agricultural(1), Aachen(1), Agriculture(1)
Purdue University’s Agronomy e-Learning Academy is awarding Crop Professional Certificates to its first group of agricultural professionals who completed all three courses as part of its curriculum: agronomy essentials, precision agriculture and nutrient management.

Ag-celerator fund to provide up to $100,000 for Purdue agriculture startups; callout meeting is Sept. 14

Tags: Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1)
Purdue University-affiliated agricultural startups looking for early seed-stage funding to help with their plant sciences innovation can receive up to $100,000 through the Ag-celerator innovation fund.

Spero Energy gains $100,000 competitive grant from U.S. Department of Agriculture to advance biobased products

Tags: USDA(1), Department of Agriculture(2), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(2), USDA(1), Department of Agriculture(2), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(2)
... Department of Agriculture (USDA) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant for $100,000 to conduct research and development to increase the availability and competitiveness of biobased products within the agricultural market.

Achieving Zero Hunger requires transforming rural economies, investing in sustainable agriculture

Tags: Aachen(1), Agriculture(1), Aachen(1), Agriculture(1)
The Ministerial Declaration of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development noted that "putting the furthest behind first" means taking action to address the root causes of poverty. The Declaration also highlights poverty as a main cause of hunger.

Agricultural trade in Pacific Rim economies faces challenges due to climate change, with uncertainty greatest for equatorial nations

Tags: Aachen(1), Rice(1), Aachen(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1), Aachen(1), Rice(1), Aachen(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1)
Global warming is expected to have a significant impact on future yields of everything from rice to fish, particularly in countries situated closer to the equator, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned today.

New partnership between ITU and FAO to bolster ICT innovation in agriculture

Tags: Agricultural(1), Agriculture(2), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(2)
he principals of the two organizations, Houlin Zhao (ITU) and José Graziano da Silva (FAO), signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that seeks to facilitate the development of e-Agriculture policies and regulations as well as ICT-centric innovation clusters that strengthen national and regional agricultural competitiveness.

FAO-World Bank launch $36 million programme to scale up famine-fighting in Yemen

Tags: Mills(1), Aachen(1), Aachen(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1), Mills(1), Aachen(1), Aachen(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1)
The grant funds for the three-year "Smallholder Agricultural Production Restoration and Enhancement Project (SAPREP)" come from the World Bank's Global Agriculture Food Security Program (GAFSP).

Rural areas, too long seen as poverty traps, key to economic growth in developing countries

Tags: Mills(1), Agriculture(1), Mills(1), Agriculture(1)
... Rural areas actually have vast potential for economic growth pegged to food production and related sectors, The State of Food and Agriculture 2017 says.

FAO to G7: agriculture and rural development crucial in responses to conflicts, hunger and migration

Tags: Aachen(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1), Aachen(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1)
The G7 ministers were informed by the Director-General about FAO's intention, as co-chair - with the International Organization for Migration - in 2018, of the United Nations Global Migration Group (GMG), to emphasize the linkages between agricultural and rural development and migration.

California Assessing Wildfire Damage

Tags: California(2), Agriculture(1), California(2), Agriculture(1)
California agriculture is assessing damages from wildfires in wine country. Micheal Clements has more.

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